Kirk WisemanGeneral Manager

Welcome to Grenfell Campus, Memorial University! I am Kirk Wiseman and I am the General Manager of Grenfell Campus Student Union (GCSU) and have been in this role since 2005.

As General Manager I am responsible for financial and day-to-day operations of the GCSU.  I also oversee the operations of GCSU services, such as the GCSU Backlot and GCSU dining hall. The GCSU has a talented team of council members and staff persons who seek to provide the best service to students whether it is with academic advice or through student clubs and societies, the GCSU dining hall and Backlot, or any of the many other services we offer. As General Manager I am also responsible for providing research and advice to the GCSU Executive and Council.

If you need assistance or have an inquiry, my office is always open. GCSU strives to provide quality service to students so please drop by anytime to become involved or simply share your thoughts and ideas.

Photo: Tom Cochrane