The campaigns of the Canadian Federation of Students seek to challenge the diverse barriers students experience in accessing and pursuing education.

The Federation organizes services to save students time and money and save students’ union money so more funds can go to support campus groups, events and local services.

Free Education Now: Fight the Fees

Win a universal system of high-quality, public, tuition-free post-secondary education for all students including domestic and international students.

End the Blood Ban

Remove blood donation deferral policies of any length for men who have sex with other men and trans individuals.

Not Your Stereotype

Challenge cultural appropriation and encourage Indigenous people to identify on their own terms and in their own words.

Challenge Racism

Raise awareness about and challenge the impacts of racism and colonialism on access to education and its effects on campuses and in communities.

Mental Health Campaign

Build campuses that care about mental health and have well-funded, accessible, intersectional and diverse mental health services.

Support Student Parents

Remove barriers student parents face and advocate for affordable childcare and more oncampus breastfeeding and child-friendly spaces.

Consent Is Mandatory & No Means No

Raise awareness and shift the culture surrounding consent, sexual- and gender-based violence and rape culture and advocate for the development and implementation of sexual violence policies.

Where’s the Justice?

Remove the barriers for Indigenous learners to access their right to education, raise awareness of the systemic violence perpetrated against missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and twospirit people and advocate for land and water rights.

Stop the Corporatization of Post-Secondary Education

Expose and challenge the effects of corporatization on college and university campuses.

Student-Worker Solidarity

Challenge the false division between students and workers in order to build student-worker solidarity on and off campus.

United for Equity

Raise awareness about and challenge systems of oppression that impact students while on campus and in their communities.

SWAP Working Holidays

Canada’s largest international work exchange program for students and youth. [more info]

Members’ Handbook Service

High-quality, affordable dayplanners for students’ unions that include a calendar, local campus section and Federation section.

Sexual Health Products Program

Access to sexual health products including condoms, lube and dental dams at reduced prices.

Campus Mobile Apps

Customizable mobile app that students’ unions can use to share information on their activities, student life and campus resources.

Free Tax Filing

Access to free online tax filing for students through

National Student Health Network

A consortium for health and dental insurance that uses the combined purchasing power of Federation members to secure lower rates and better coverage. [more info]

Digital Services

Website, email and mailing list services for member local students’ unions.

Ethical Purchasing Network

Ethically manufactured, environmentally-friendly and high-quality products, such as pens, water bottles and t-shirts at reduced prices for students’ unions and campus groups.

International Student Identity Card

Student discount card providing over 40,000 discounts worldwide, including over 1,000 across the country. Federation members receive the card for free. [more info]

StudentSaver Card

Discount card so part-time students can access Canadian ISIC discounts.