Green Shield Canada

Access your Health and Dental Plans!

Step 1: Sign up for GSC Everywhere

To use your health and dental plans, sign up for your GSC Everywhere account.

Step 2: Get your Digital ID card

Download the GSC On the Go mobile app to your smartphone to log in to plan member online services and get your digital ID card.

Step 3: Learn about what is Covered

Learn about what your health and dental plans cover by visiting your GSC Student Centre or log in to your GSC Everywhere account.

GSC Digital ID Card

GSC Everywhere

Your hub to access your GSC plans and benefits.

  • Submit claims (tell me more)
  • Access Change4Life®
  • Sign up for direct deposit
  • Download personalized claim forms
  • Find providers who submit claims for you
  • Check coverage eligibility instantly
  • Look up drug names and get coverage info
  • Download and print a copy of your ID card
Learn more about GSC Everywhere and how to register. 
GSC on The Go

GSC Everywhere Mobile App

Take your benefits with you!

GSC Everywhere is a free mobile app and offers 24/7 access to your benefits from your mobile devices. There’s no need to re-register – simply use your log in details for GSC Everywhere. With GSC oEverywhere, you can:

  • Submit claims right from your mobile device
  • Access the Change4Life health portal
  • Get directions to providers who submit claims directly to GSC
  • Check your coverage for a drug and email or download any required forms directly to your doctor
  • Instantly check your coverage eligibility
  • Show your ID card electronically

Learn About Your Benefits

Everything you need to know is at the GSC Student Centre

Use the GSC Student Centre to find information about your coverage, the GSC experience, opting out, discounts, and how to submit claims. You can create a digital ID card to print, learn about coverage with benefits 101 terminology, review the student booklet and learn more through student FAQs.

Learn about what is covered by your health and dental plans by visit “My Booklet”. Your coverage includes prescription medications, practitioners, medical devices, dental, trip insurance, and accident insurance.

Eligibility and Opting-In to the Plans

Who is covered and how you can opt-in to the plans

You are eligible if you are a full-time member of the Grenfell Campus Student Union. Students who wish to upgrade to family coverage must contact International Students who have a valid MCP Card are eligible. Please contact for details on how to register as a plan member.

Spouse means persons of the same or opposite sex who are married to each other, or are:

  • Living together in a conjugal relationship continuously for at least one (1) year; or
  • Living in a relationship of some permanence and are the natural or adoptive parents of a child.
  • Only one (1) spouse may be covered at the same time.

Dependent Children include your unmarried children, stepchildren and legally adopted children who reside with you and are dependent upon you for support and are:

  • Younger than age 21;
  • Age 21 but younger than age 25 and in full-time attendance at an accredited institute of learning and dependent on you for support; or
  • Twenty-one (21) years or older and mentally or physically disabled and incapable of self-sustaining employment who was insured under this policy as a dependent on the day prior to his or her 21st birthday and remains dependent on you for support.

Opting-Out of the Plans

How you can opt-out of the plans

Grenfell Campus students already covered under another health and dental plan (other than a provincial health care plan) may choose to opt out of the Greenshield student plan(s) to receive a refund of fees. Greenshield offers a plan specifically designed for student needs. Retaining plan coverage via Greenshield will increase your total coverage and further reduce health care costs. Students wishing to opt out will be required to demonstrate proof of their existing plan coverage, including information such as the name of the insurance company and policy number. The opt out deadline is two weeks after the first day of lectures. Students who opt out in September will automatically be opted out for the remainder of their academic studies at Grenfell Campus providing they maintain full-time course status as a Grenfell Campus student.

Students can opt out of health and or dental plans online by visiting the GSC Student Centre.


Your mental health and wellness support

BEACON helps when you just can’t shake feeling overwhelmed or down. It provides therapy for a range of mental wellness issues including mild to moderate symptoms related to depression, anxiety, panic, insomnia, and PTSD. Most people start to feel better within weeks.

BEACON is covered under your GSC health plan where you can be reimbursed for the BEACON standard program. See your benefits booklet on the GSC Student Centre for more details.

GSC Change4Life


Supports you in achieving better health and winning great rewards

You use Change4Life’s tools and resources to take small steps towards better health and earn points in the process. Then you use your points to bid on (and hopefully win!) cool rewards.

With Change4Life, you are able to complete a health risk assessment (HRA), sign up for medication and health reminders, learn how you can achieve better health, and set SMART goals! Click here to watch a video all about Change4Life.

GSC Mindfullness


This mental-health support program is like a fitness program for your mind.

Mindfulness is a proven practice that helps you approach stress, low mood and/or anxiety differently, so you can get more out of your day-to-day experiences and improve your well-being.

This online program guides you through the techniques and concepts behind mindfulness. You will be encouraged to complete a series of six sessions at your own pace. Each session combines audio and video components, as well as on-screen education materials and a reflection workbook. Learn more about GSC mindfulness by watching this video.