In the current climate of increasing health and dental care costs, students on fixed incomes are particularly vulnerable. Each year, the costs of prescription drugs and basic health services take increasingly large portions out of the limited budgets of many students. To assist with costs, the GCSU operates a group health and dental plan for its members. All full-time students are enrolled in these plans when they register. Fees for Health and Dental Plans are collected in the Fall and Winter semesters. Plan coverage is on an academic year basis. Students who enroll in the plan for the fall and winter semesters will be covered for the period September 1-August 31. Students who are not registered and pay fees for both semesters should check with the GCSU for information regarding their coverage status.

The health plan provides coverage for prescription drugs and paramedical services such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, and orthopedic services, as well as out-of-province travel insurance.

The dental plan provides coverage for services, such as fillings, x-rays, exams, fluoride treatments, and cleanings. Plan benefit year runs from September 1-August 31.

You are eligible if you are a full-time member of the Grenfell Campus Student Union. Students who wish to upgrade to family coverage must contact jbelbin@grenfell.mun.ca.

International Students who have a valid MCP Card are eligible. Please contact jbelbin@grenfell.mun.ca for details on how to register as a plan member.

Spouse means persons of the same or opposite sex who are married to each other, or are:

  • Living together in a conjugal relationship continuously for at least one (1) year; or
  • Living in a relationship of some permanence and are the natural or adoptive parents of a child.
  • Only one (1) spouse may be covered at the same time.

Dependent Children include your unmarried children, stepchildren and legally adopted children who reside with you and are dependent upon you for support and are:

  • Younger than age 21;
  • Age 21 but younger than age 25 and in full-time attendance at an accredited institute of learning and dependent on you for support; or
  • Twenty-one (21) years or older and mentally or physically disabled and incapable of self-sustaining employment who was insured under this policy as a dependent on the day prior to his or her 21st birthday and remains dependent on you for support.

Grenfell Campus students already covered under another health and dental plan (other than a provincial health care plan) may choose to opt out of the Greenshield student plan(s) to receive a refund of fees. Greenshield offers a plan specifically designed for student needs. Retaining plan coverage via Greenshield will increase your total coverage and further reduce health care costs. Students wishing to opt out will be required to demonstrate proof of their existing plan coverage, including information such as the name of the insurance company and policy number. The opt out deadline is two weeks after the first day of lectures. Students who opt out in September will automatically be opted out for the remainder of their academic studies at Grenfell Campus providing they maintain full-time course status as a Grenfell Campus student. Students can opt out of health and or dental plans online by visiting Greenshield https://onlineservices.greenshield.ca/StudentOptOut/OptOut1.aspx?cl=43062&edu=30595

For more information, please the view the health and dental benefits booklet via the link below:

Students of Grenfell Campus have contracted Greenshield Canada as their health and dental service and consulting provider. Greenshield Canada is a leading student insurance provider specialist. Greenshield offers student plans specially designed to post-secondary student needs. The range of student products and health services offered by Greenshield continues to enhance! Protecting privacy is fundamental and Greenshield is committed to protecting and respecting our membership’s right to quality service and privacy.

For more information about Greenshield and its commitment to privacy and information protection please visit the Greenshield Canada online below.

GSC Privacy Policy: https://www.greenshield.ca/en-ca/privacy-policy

GSC Legal Information: https://www.greenshield.ca/en-ca/legal

GSC Security Information: https://www.greenshield.ca/en-ca/security

Drop by the GCSU office anytime or contact Josephine Belbin at 709-639-4305 jbelbin@grenfell.mun.ca or email gcsuinfo@grenfell.mun.ca..

Students can contact the Green Shield Customer Service Centre directly at 1-888-711-1119 or greenshield.ca/StudentCentre.

The GSC Support Centre has the answer you are looking for! Featuring over 100 frequently asked questions and the answers to them. Visit the support centre by visiting https://support.greenshield.ca/.