Established in 1981, the Canadian Federation of Students is the largest student organization in Canada, uniting more than 650,000 college, undergraduate, and graduate students from coast to coast. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a universal system of high-quality, public, post-secondary education in Canada that is tuition-free for domestic and international students.

Every full and part-time student who enrolls at Grenfell Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland is a member of the Canadian Federation of Students, (CFS Local 36). As members of the Federation, Grenfell students are able to campaign effectively for student rights together with over half of a million other students from across the country with a powerful and united voice.


Member local students’ unions set the priorities and direction of the Canadian Federation of Students.

Each year, the Federation holds two national general meetings where delegates vote on motions brought forward by member local students’ unions. During the meetings, sub-committees, constituency groups, caucuses and provincial components discuss these motions and offer amendments before all member local students’ unions vote on them. With the principle of ‘one member, one vote,’ each member local students’ union has an equal say in all major decisions.

The National Executive, made up of representatives elected by member local students’ unions at general meetings, implements these decisions in between meetings with the support of Federation staff.

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