The Sexual Harassment Advisor offers private and confidential information and consultations for students, staff and faculty of all Memorial campuses. The Sexual Harassment Office also provides information and coordination regarding informal and formal resolutions as requested. As well, campus and community service referrals and accommodations are provided. You can consult with the Sexual Harassment Office regardless of whether you choose to pursue a formal or informal resolution under the Sexual Harassment Policy.

Tracy Kreuzburg is the Sexual Harassment Coordinator at Grenfell Campus and can be reached at (709) 637-7195 or (709) 639-4314. As well, she can be visited at her office, in room AS238, or you can email her at

Rhonda Shortall, Sexual Harassment Advisor, visits Grenfell Campus on a bimonthly basis and can be reached by email at or by phone at (709) 637-7195 or (709) 864-2015. The Sexual Harassment Office offers advice, guidance and support at your pace and ensures the three C’s (your confidentiality, control of the process and consent).