Kirk WisemanOperations & Services Supervisor

Welcome to Grenfell Campus, Memorial University! I am Kirk Wiseman, the Operations and Services Supervisor of the GCSU; I have been in this role since 2005.

As operations and services supervisor, I am responsible for financial and day-to-day operations of the GCSU. I also oversee the operations of GCSU services, such as the GCSU Backlot and GCSU dining hall. The student union has a talented team of council members and staff who seek to provide the best service and information to students: everything from academic advice and student clubs and societies to the GCSU dining hall, Backlot, and the many other services we offer. As operations and services supervisor, I also provide research and advice to the GCSU executive and council.

The GCSU strives to provide quality service to students; please drop by anytime to become involved or simply share your thoughts and ideas. If you need assistance or have an inquiry, my office is AS276B. I can also be reached by email at, or by phone at (709) 637-7184. I look forward to seeing you!

Kirk Wiseman
Operations & Services Supervisor

Photo: Grenfell Campus