Students are paying more and parking less

Corner Brook — At a time when students flock back to Grenfell Campus, feelings of anticipation and promise are being met with the realities of increased parking fees in addition to increased tuition for many students.

“Earlier in the year students signed a petition to freeze the parking fees at Grenfell Campus. However, administration did not listen to our call for more accessible parking” said Alex Wicks, President, Grenfell Campus Student Union.

“Students are paying more fees for parking but are not seeing the benefits” continued Wicks. Students, especially those who may have accessibility issues requiring they are closer to campus must pay more for those parking spots. “Differential parking fees that charge more for spaces closer to campus further burden those who have accessibility needs with paying higher fees” added Wicks.

“Furthermore, if students who are unable to pay the increased fees opt for the free parking they must also face issues with accessibility at night and during the winter, as these spaces do not have adequate lighting or snow clearing” continued Wicks.

“The Grenfell Campus Student Union calls for Memorial University of Newfoundland to remove the parking fees to ensure all students, regardless of income and accessibility, are able to park safely on campus” said Wicks.

The Grenfell Campus Student Union represents all students on campus.

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For further information please contact:
Shelby Thomas, Vice-President External, GCSU

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