Students are paying more for less

Corner Brook — It is only the second week of the fall semester and already students are facing the grim realities of increased fees and decreased services at Memorial University, Grenfell Campus.

“Students are paying more but continue to lose essential services, including access to the library” said Alex Wicks, President, Grenfell Campus Student Union.

“This week students were notified that the library has been forced to reduce hours due to the austerity measures being implemented by the University in the wake of the funding cuts from the province” continued Wicks.

The library at Grenfell campus is the hub of educational activity and literally holds essential knowledge in every page of the books sitting on the shelves. “Staff and faculty at the library have been attempting to mitigate the effects of a drastic 40% reduction in staffing, to do so, doors must close earlier and open later. This leaves students unable to access a fundamental service of the University and staff are further strained in delivering library services” added Wicks.

“Again, we see students paying the price of chronic underfunding with the reduction in essential services like the library,” continued Wicks.

“The Grenfell Campus Student Union calls for Memorial University of Newfoundland to return funding to the library and rehire staff to ensure all students can access this space to learn, study, and engage in important research” said Wicks.

The Grenfell Campus Student Union represents all students on campus.

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For further information, please contact:
Shelby Thomas, Vice-President External, GCSU

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